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Attorney Referrals

Allred Vogt & Stuart helps maximize the recovery for you and your client. We do not use typical advertisement methods employed by traditional personal injury law firms. Rather, the lion’s share of our cases are referrals from other lawyers, lawyers who know us and our backgrounds, lawyers who respect us and our experience, and lawyers who trust our work ethic and case results. When you refer a case to us, you are helping your client(s) and your firm. Allred Vogt & Stuart accommodates the referring lawyer’s circumstances and his or her client’s needs in a way that tailors and divides the legal service, labor, and fee arrangement in a way that makes sense for each individual case. We are flexible. And in any co-counsel relationship, you decide the level of our involvement—and yours. Any engagement is handled with the utmost integrity, including the fee-splitting arrangement, which always complies with and is paid according to the Utah State Bar. In some cases, you may want Allred Vogt & Stuart to takeover and quarterback the case in its entirety. And in others, you may want us to simply consult on a case, help craft a dispositive motion or trial strategy, or just simply get a second opinion in preparation of a mediation. We know first-hand that personal injury cases are often intimidating and can be legally and financially overwhelming, but they don’t have to be. We value our referral relationships and have the financial means, legal background, and litigation experience to take on your most complex and catastrophic personal injury cases. So please, reach out to see if we are a good fit to team up with you and your firm, or otherwise may be of assistance to you and your personal injury practice.

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