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About Us

Our Expertise

We are a personal injury litigation law firm with experienced trial lawyers. We have taken hundreds of cases to litigation, including car accidents, trucking accidents, motorcycle accidents, cycling accidents, dog bites and other animal injuries, traumatic brain injuries, wrongful death claims, construction accidents, slip and fall accidents, product liability cases, and other personal injury cases involving both small and catastrophic injuries. We take pride in the fact that we are different than other personal injury law firms. We are not a firm that resolves a case quickly because we either want out of it or lack the necessary litigation experience to see it through. Rather, Allred Vogt & Stuart views and values a personal injury case based on its litigation value, and not simply the value an insurance carrier may place on it before filing a lawsuit. Not every case needs to be litigated to get fair compensation, but Allred Vogt & Stuart’s reputation and specialty in litigation and trial experience give clients the assurance and confidence that their case won’t settle for anything less. Insurance companies know that the lawyers at Allred Vogt & Stuart are experienced litigators, have reached successful jury verdicts numerous times, and are willing to go to trial to get the full value on your case.

Our Philosophy

Allred Vogt & Stuart was founded on the premise that a personal injury law firm is only as good as its litigation group. In other words, reputation and results matter, and a lawyer should not write checks his or her litigation group is unwilling or unable to cash through litigation or trial. The founding partners at Allred Vogt & Stuart have more than a decade of experience representing clients in bet-the-company, high-stakes negotiations, litigation, and trial work. Litigation muscle, backed up by trial experience, distinguishes Allred Vogt & Stuart from many other personal injury law firms and helps demand—and obtain—full value and compensation on personal injury cases.

Our Background

Prior to forming Allred Vogt & Stuart, each of the founding partners worked at some of the largest and most prestigious law firms in Utah for several years. Working and litigating alongside—and against—many of Utah’s most accomplished lawyers on behalf of—and against—some of the world’s largest companies provided Allred Vogt & Stuart’s partners with the legal skillset, experience, and courage under fire necessary to successfully litigate any personal injury case. This experience has allowed Allred Vogt & Stuart’s lawyers in-depth and behind-the-scenes access to know what matters to insurance companies in personal injury cases and more importantly, to get them to pay above-market compensation on personal injury cases. In addition to bet-the-company litigation and insurance defense litigation experience Allred Vogt & Stuart has, its lawyers were also trial counsel for one of the largest and most high-volume personal injury law firms in the state of Utah. They have litigated hundreds of personal injury cases and taken numerous cases to trial and a successful jury verdict. Unlike most personal injury law firms, lawyers at Allred Vogt & Stuart have the knowledge, skillset, and experience to take on any personal injury case—at any stage of the case—and maximize its value.

Our Commitment to Results

When Allred Vogt & Stuart represents you, you can be confident that the entire firm and its resources are behind you. We take pride in our skills and abilities to deliver the utmost value to you and your case. Each lawyer and member of the team is involved and helps analyze your case every step of the way until we get the result your case demands. This team approach allows each member to use his or her strengths and ensure that your case gets handled efficiently and litigated the right way. We are committed to providing the highest work product and service, giving the attention and strategy your case demands, and delivering the value and result your case deserves.

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